Stylish. Premium. Affordable.

See your blood oxygen level, blood O2, fitness metrics, calls, messages and even take an ECG! The OHO Pro smartwatch helps you live healthier, be more active and stay connected.

OHO Pro has all the best smartwatch features, without the big price tag!

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The World’s Most Affordable Premium SmartWatch

Who said a premium smartwatch needed to cost you a fortune? Packed inside the stylish OHO Pro are all the latest laser sensors, health features and apps. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of a top-of-the-range smart watch, without paying a fortune!

All The Best Health Features

See your Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood O2 level, Core Temperature - in seconds. You can even give yourself an ECG test!

And Everything Else...

Fitness tracking, take calls, see your messages, count steps, get reminders, track your sleep, and much more. Oh, and yes, it's IP68 waterproof too!

It's Cheaper Than You Think...

Unlike other brands, we don’t spend billions on ads, shareholder bonuses and middlemen! Instead, we pass these savings to you!

What Are The OHO Pro Health Features? A lot! Have peace of mind about your health in seconds!

All Your Health Vitals, In Real Time

  • ECG

    This test detects abnormal heart rhythms - signs of heart disease, heart attack or heart failure.

  • Blood O2

    Low levels are a red flag of lung or other serious problems. Check yourself in seconds.

  • Blood Pressure

    Check for hypertension risks, without the painful armband and trip to the doctor's!

  • 24/7 Heart Rate

    Monitor your heart rate night and day for peace of mind.

All The Best And Latest Features Too...

  • State-of-the-art Fitness Tracking

    Choose your exercise or sport. Record it. See how you did.

  • Take Your Calls, See Your Messages

    All your Calls, Texts, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Email and More - Never miss a thing.

  • Sleep Tracking

    Good sleep, equals a happier, healthier you. Track yours to make sure you get enough.

  • Sedentary Warning

    See how much you really sit, and get inspired to move more for your health.

What Features Does OHO Pro Have? Nearly everything a smartwatch 3 times its price has!

And Lot’s More You’ll Love…

Event Reminders

Never be late or forget something important again! Make a note and we’ll remind you!

Long Battery Life

Boasting a powerful 220mAh to keep up with your busy life.

Step Counter

Super accuracy to count every step and not just the ones when you have your phone on you.

OHO Pro is waterproof, works with iPhone and Android, has good battery

IOS and Andriod compatible

Easily connects to all iPhones or Andriod models

IP68 Waterproof

Splash, dust and dirt resistant. Can even go under water unto 1.5m - for 30 mintues.

Tough Screen and Case

The hardened alloy case and tempered touchscreen glass are made to endure life’s minor bumps and bangs.

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ECG, Blood Oxygen and Pressure, Core Thermometer, Fitness, Messages, Calls and much more - all inside a stylish, modern, tough case!

$99.95 $142.79

What do OHO Pro customers say?

“The Oho Pro is really great. I’d put it in the same league as smartwatches double, even triple the price.”

Real customer reviews of OHO Pro Smartwatch #1



“I’m more than happy with my Oho Pro. Looks amazing in real life. Works like a dream. Health features give me peace of mind.”



“Fantastic! I shopped for a long time before choosing this watch and I am amazed how good it is for the price. 100% would recommend!”

Real customer reviews of OHO Pro Smartwatch #2



“My son said I should get an Apple Watch, but they cost more than I was willing to spend. I read a few positive reviews about the Oho Pro and took a risk. It’s a terrific time piece with plenty of gadgets to monitor my now ageing body. Hopefully it will last the test of time… (pun intended!)

Real customer reviews of OHO Pro Smartwatch #3



“Came in a few weeks. Very easy to use. Looks very high-quality. Works perfectly. Only had it for 2 months, certainly worth the money and very happy so far.”

Real customer reviews of OHO Pro Smartwatch #4



“Recommend by a friend about the Oho brand. I usually buy big brand but this was so much cheaper and had great reviews overall, so I ordered. Took a while to turn up as they send direct from factory. Customer service was responsive. About the watch, top class. I can not fault it.”



“Everyone knows big brands are way overpriced, they have tons of costs which they add into the price of their products. Oho is keeping it small and simple. Their Pro model is excellent for the price. Good looking and smooth. Best watch on the market in this price bracket, no contest!”



“Feels premium and looks beautiful. 10/10.

Real customer reviews of OHO Pro Smartwatch #5



“I’m sick of the big brands charging so much. Oho Pro has everything the newest models have, but costs 3-4x more. You wouldn’t know it from using it. I am converted, brilliant smart watch.”

Real customer reviews of OHO Pro Smartwatch #6



“Lovely style and beautifully simple to operate. I am in love with my Oho Pro. Thank you very much.""



“Packaging could have been better. Delivery time was long. However, I love this very much, so I forgive!”



“Took a while to arrive but normally does to NZ. I’m really into my watches and tech, this is great. The fitness tracking seems very accurate. Paired to my iPhone simply enough. Feels like a expensive model”

Real customer reviews of OHO Pro Smartwatch #7


New Zealand

“2 weeks to arrive, but costs half the price of it’s competitors! Happy with my purchase. I highly recommend.”



“Looks stunning and classy. Easy to use even for a technophobe like myself. Been asked a few times about it already.”



Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions, Answered:

If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for here, then please don’t hesitate to pop us an email. Our friendly team will love to help you! They’ll aim to reply to you as fast as humanly possible!

Will my Oho Pro connect to my smartphone model?

The OHO Pro will connect, via Bluetooth, to any smartphone with Android 4.4 or iOS version 8 or above. Thats from the Apple iPhone 4s (2011), right up to the newest iPhone 12 Pro Max. Any brand or model from Oct 31st 2013 to today, using Android will work too.

Unlike other brands, we don’t spend billions on physical shops, billboard and TV advertising greedy shareholders bonuses! Also, we ship directly from our factories to you. All this means we can afford higher quality materials and manufacturing standards. The rest of the savings, go directly to you!

The Oho Pro has a large 220mAh battery and is super energy efficient too. That’s why with average use you’ll get around 7 days use on a single charge or 30 days on standby. That’s far above industry standard, not that we are bragging or anything…!

We ship directly from our premium factories in China, to your door. This reduces warehousing and handling costs, which means way bigger savings for you. However, there is a small 7-21 days wait, depending on your location and Covid-19 restrictions. But, you know what they say “good things come to those who wait”!

If you still want your order faster, you can buy express shipping at the checkout.

Of course! We have a 30 day returns policy. You will be required to pay return postage fees and subject to our T&Cs. Email our team and we will give you return instructions.

Will my Oho Pro connect to my smartphone? How are Oho watches so affordable? Can I return if I’m not 100% satisfied

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ECG, Blood Oxygen and Pressure, Core Thermometer, Fitness, Messages, Calls and much more - all inside a stylish, modern, tough case!

$99.95 $142.79

Who are we?

We love tech, gadgets and of course, watches. However, we were fed up with the overpriced smartwatches from the big brands. So, we decided to create our own, better and more affordable models. How hard could it be? It turns out, very!

Founded in 2017 and based in the UK, we are a small, tight-knit team from all kinds from backgrounds. Working with designers, material experts and manufacturers across the world, we are always striving to create amazing, premium smartwatches, at realistic prices, that anyone can afford!

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